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  Chongqing Yibei Credit Co., Ltd. (Yibei Credit) was registered and established in 2016 with the approval of the Chongqing Municipal Government Administration for Industry and Commerce. The registered capital is 20 million yuan. Commercial operation of financial services company, management is from the bank. Our continuous development and efforts are currently in a period of steady development and continuous growth. We have a reasonable and complete management mechanism, an honest and professional marketing team, an excellent and efficient operation process, and a professional commitment to provide individuals and enterprises with appropriate solutions to their financial needs. Since entering the market, the company has combined with a number of bank cooperative institutions to solve various funding problems in a timely manner for many funding needs.

  Chongqing Yibei Credit Co., Ltd. (Yibei Credit) is a formally registered joint-stock loan agency that provides Chongqing real estate mortgage loans, one house mortgage, one house loan, housing renovation loan, shop mortgage loan, villa mortgage loan , Land mortgage loans, bank primary mortgage loans, bank secondary mortgage loans, mortgage housing re-loans, corporate operating loans and personal unsecured credit loans. Chongqing Mortgage|Housing|Housing|Real Estate|Facade|Shops|Office Buildings|Land|Workshops|Western Houses|Villas|Mortgages|The most professional-quality financial service brand.

  We are committed to providing comprehensive loan services for enterprises and individuals, including the design of loan programs, and creating a service platform for personal and corporate loans through professional, personalized, one-to-one consulting services.

  Our values: based on integrity, pragmatic and dedicated, customer first, service first.