The car mortgage loan is not enough, four good strategies can help

Date of publication : 2020 / 08 / 06    Views :

  1. Change home loan institution and ask again

  Going with the flow and getting along with the situation is a common problem for many novice loan users. If you want to knock on the door of large loans, you must have a restless heart, follow the law of shopping around, and believe that the future will come for you. For example, the maximum amount of Taihe Wealth's vehicle mortgage loan is the same as the vehicle valuation, which may give you a solid sense of satisfaction, but if you continue to "money", go to Yixin to inquire, the maximum amount can reach the vehicle The answer with an evaluation value of 150% will amaze you!

  2. Put on the coat of credit loan

  If a car mortgage is a sweater, then a credit loan is an overcoat, all of which can be worn to warm the winter. If you choose a vehicle mortgage loan, but there is still a small funding gap, you might as well use your good personal credit "as money" and "loan out" about 10 times the monthly income.

  3. Mortgage house is realized in one step

  If the vehicle is still facing a huge funding gap of more than a dozen or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, then mortgaged houses are undoubtedly a panacea to resolve the funding problem. However, there is no shortage of side effects of any strong medicine, and mortgage houses are no exception. It is recommended that you use it when the repayment ability is acceptable to ensure that the asset risk is within control.

  4. Show financial proof to add help

  Mortgage of real estate is a risky move, but if you can adopt roundabout tactics, rearrange the game, only show the real estate certificate, and not go through the mortgage procedures, I believe what you will gain is not only to protect the house, but also to win a loan with a small increase in the amount. Meet.